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Bilaspur diabetes society is the brainchild of Dr. Pravin Kalvit.
Dr. Pravin Kalvit is a practicing physician Diabetologist in Bilaspur for over 3 decades. During practice he realizes that diabetic patients strongly need support system to tackle the disease and its complications.

This is how the organization was born 12 years back with only 08 likeminded people committed to diabetic care. The journey started and gradually many people willing to contribute to diabetic care & control made this organization as an enviable society full of dynamism and dedication towards fighting monster of diabetes today it is a strong force with 50 odd lieutenants.

Chhattisgarh First

Insulin Bank

Making Life Sweet with Diabetes

In the year 2012 we launched first insulin bank of Chhattisgarh and second only in central India.
Today we are giving free insulin 10 80 TYPE- 1 Diabetes children who are below poverty line and can't Afford it. We are also supporting adult diabetic patients with subsidized insulin at 5096cost in order to ensure that they remain controlled. This all is done through our Insulin bank.
Recognizing our sincere efforts for diabetes care our hospital was recognized as a satellite center for CDIC changing diabetes in children program.
We wish to make latest analogue insulin available to our children through our insulin bank.

A litter bit More About

Bilaspur Diabetes Society

Team Members

All the members from different professions are rendering selfless services to detect, educate treat and prevent diabetes in rural and urban areas around Bilaspur division.


We wish to enrich all patients with up-to-date knowledge about diabetes. We also aim to train social workers about basic diagnostic tools for diabetes, dietary education Understanding and screening abut complications. We have screened over 1 Iac people for diabetes in various camps in last 10 years. Organized over 500 diagnostic camps and educated large no of people about dos and don'ts In diabetes as part of health education.

Our Organization

We as organization wish to reach out to each and every one patient of diabetes who needs us. May be for Education, Support, Medical services and Insulin.


To reach out to every patient with a comprehensive knowledge of diabetes I published a book in 2008. It was very well received in society .every year around 10 000 copies were printed and distributed free of cost to patients. Today 5".edition of my book is on shelf with latest information compiled in it from patient's perspective.


Our aim is to enrich every individual patient of diabetes with sufficient knowledge about diabetes and self -management so that he can act as a brand ambassador for diabetes care in his respective areas.


Anybody interested to work for diabetes care can happily become member of our society.